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In order to protect the consumer, the regulations in force in the European Union have established several criteria requiring manufacturers/producers, distributors, importers/exporters, quality controllers, regulators, safety assessors to label in a clear and structured way the entire content of their products range.

Indeed, the European Union has recently introduced a new regulation that governs the way consumers receive information on food products and how these shoud be labeled. 

From now on, all persons and companies wishing to sell food products must check whether their products contain any of the 14 allergens listed by the European Union.

Moreover, the law also requires the inclusion of information about the nutritional value of processed food and the origin of untreated meat.

Prodigum evolving with regulations has been adapted to comply with this new European law.


The labelling of food products aims to ensure that consumers have full information on the content and the composition of these products, in order to protect their health and their interests. Further details can give information on a particular quality of the product, such as the origin or the production method. Certain foodstuffs are subject to specific regulatory compliance, such as:


  • Genetic modified organisms (GMO)

  • allergenic ingredients

  • foods for infants

  • Or the guided daily amounts (GDA).


Prodigum offers you a wide flexibility of use allowing you to track the entirety of the components of each of your products, food, chemical or others. Once encoded you can manage the extended or simplified content of labels while narrowly respecting the several European regulations or Royal Decrees in force.

Please find all European regulations concerning the labelling of foodstuffs on the European website : 

Please find some European legal texts for food safety here : 

Non Food Products

The labelling of non-food products (cosmetics, products for animals, etc.) must also contain specific information in order to guarantee the safety of their use and to allow the consumer to make a real choice. 

Please find all European regulations on the labelling of cosmetic products (until 2013) on the European website : 

Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament on cosmetic products : full applicable from 11 July 2013, the provisions of the Regulation aim at ensuring that consumers health is protected and that they are well informed by monitoring the composition and labeling of products. The Regulation also provides for the assessment of product safety ...

See details at :

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Non Food


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