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What is Prodigum ?

Prodigum allows the management of products composition, recipes and ingredients, through datasheets and specifications, till the printing of the labelOur system is intended for companies active in Formulated Packaged Goods, either in food or non-food industry (such as catering, food processing, cosmetics, cleaning and maintenance, parapharmacy, chemicals, food supplements, etc.). 


People using Prodigum are everyone involve in the encoding of product datasheets (specifications), ingredients and recipes but also all people involved in the quality and safety of products. Among these quality experts, we can identify several jobs using our management software: safety and quality advisors, security auditors and controllers. 

  • Productivity

Prodigum can increase productivity when introducing or redesigning products thanks to its many functions, including in particular the list of products, the management of suppliers and subcontractors, the management of allergens and contaminants, the management of legally traceable substances, the filling progress of the datasheet and its annexes, the flow of standardization of a product, the management of the guided daily amounts (GDA), etc.

  • Market and users

Dedicated to the various actors involved in the issues of product safety or quality assurance of it, and those responsible for datasheets and product certifications, whether in the field of food or non-food, Prodigum allows, in several languages, to comply with legal standards and to generate labels, at the hand of advanced functions, such as the management of products annexes, complex ingredients, complaints and controls, etc.

Used for many years by major players of the European market, Prodigum provides a unique added value to product management.


Our goal is to help industries to develop new products, faster and safer,

in accordance with European standards, and with controlled costs.

Fast, safe and cheap, Prodigum is your key partner for the e-collaborative

management of datasheets and products specifications.

What is Prodigum ?
Our mission

Our mission

The rise of globalization and the technical infrastructure needed to communicate within this global community through the Internet have contributed to accelerate a phenomenon we call e‑collaboration

The main goal of Prodigum is to provide a SaaS e‑collaborative platform for the management of products compositions, including product technical datasheets, ingredients and recipes, for food and non-food products.

This exclusive online work platform incorporates the best maket practices, immediately available and secured, from everywhere, for distributors and manufacturers of all sizes and all categories, in order to accelerate the development and to ensure the quality of products.

Prodigum facilitates internal and external collaboration (data sharing, workflow, sharing of encoding, etc.)

Our mission is also to propose a tool able to help companies meeting legal obligations in terms of labelling and tracing of products.

Prodigum offers you the best communication mean between customers and suppliers,

while improving the validation and distribution processes of your products. 

Why use it ?

Why use it ?

Today, companies face big datas. They have to handle an amount of data more and more important and this, as quickly as possible.

In addition, the Belgian and European regulations on products composition is complex and legal documents referring to the products, ingredients and recipes are increasing.

Managing this data flow becomes too big and makes you waste time ?

You're struggling to centralize everything securely ?

You want to simplify your life with a centralized database ?

Prodigum is a web application for e-collaborative management of technical datasheets (or specifications) of products, suppliers, ingredients, compositions and recipes. This management tool will centralize your products information in a database accessible for different users of technical datasheets, facilitating collaboration, both within the company than to the suppliers.

The application facilitates data encoding and sharing, guarantees their security and 24/7 availability worldwide from a simple browser.

The different advantages of our management tool :

  • Web application, no installation needed

  • Available 24/7 worldwide

  • Increase productivity

  • Customizable (look & feel, repositories, menu structure)

  • Configurable (settings, workflow, datasheets structure and content, access rights)

  • Adaptable and extensible (new functions) according to your needs

  • Quick access to regulatory information on products

  • Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac Os X, Linux

  • Easily integrates your PLM/ERP/supply chain, without disturbing installation 

  • Easy to use

  • Multi-language

  • Secured (protection against defects) and safe (protection against threats) data

  • Hosting in the cloud (performances adaptable to data load) or on customer site

  • Strengthening of data quality

  • Strengthening of data changes monitoring

  • Facilitating communication between actors

  • Facilitating files followup

If you want more information, please read more about the functions of Prodigum. 


Discover the different functions offered by Prodigum

  • Management of products datasheets, suppliers, ingredients, complaints and controls

  • Detailed management of compositions including allergens, contaminants, guided daily amounts (GDA), calculation of the amount of each ingredient to be displayed on product labels (according to legal standards)

  • Management of annexes of each product (MSDS, CofA, pictures, etc.)

  • Management and followup of the filling progress of datasheets 

  • Management of labels content (according to legal standards)

  • Management of access rights – confidentiality – separation of data

  • Data sharing between actors (producers, suppliers, importers, distributors, wholesalers, sellers depending on configuration)

  • Multi-criteria search engine to quickly and easily find the information sought

  • Workflow management

  • Possibility to delegate part of the encoding to suppliers (crowdsourcing)

  • Notifications by email

  • Archiving function

  • External data import via Excel

  • Data export to Excel or Zip

  • Multi-language Support 

  • Generation of various reports

Read also Why use it ? to discover the benefits of our e-collaborative management solution.

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