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Prodigum is used by products managers, R&D department, quality managers and controllers, production managers, and many others. Prodigum helps all actors involved in quality assurance and security to increase efficiency and consistency of products technical datasheets. 

You find yourself in the green square of this diagram? Then, Prodigum may be helpful to you.


Do you manage your products composition on paper ?

Do you need to securely manage the technical datasheet of your products (specifications) ?

Do you use Excel or another management tool, without the possibility to share the work between several employees simultaneously ?

Do you need a centralized management system so that you can focus on your business ?

Do you want your manufacturers to encode the products datasheets ?

Do you need to monitor legal standards for the ingredients of your products ?

Do you want to optimize  access to your products information for your employees ? 


If the answer is YES to on of the questions above, Prodigum can help you in your daily work.

Prodigum allows to improve internal communication as well as communication with customers and suppliers, while improving validation and distribution of information on your products specifications, datasheet and composition. 

Accessible 24/7 through the Internet, you don't waste your time and minimize the risk of errors in encoding the content of your products. 

Please contact us, we will analyse your business in order to find the adequate solution that will save you TIME and PRODUCTIVITY



Prodigum can be useful to any actor involved in quality assurance and safety of products, across different sectors:

  • food

  • cosmetics

  • cleaning products

  • parapharmacy

  • consumer chemicals

  • drinks/beverages

  • food supplements

  • animal food

  • preserved and frozen products

  • semi-processed products and ingredients

  • food preservatives

  • flavors and fragrances

  • probiotics

  • drugs

  • personal care

  • and many others...


Our tool is a complete solution for the management of your products composition/recipes and ingredients


Do not hesitate to contact us for an offer. 


Discover the advantages of Prodigum through the case studies of some customers here.

Your Needs

Your Needs

You have to manage :

  • the detailed composition of your products / recipes / preparations (food, cosmetics, chemical and many other) ?

  • all your ingredients, their origin and their links in a composition ?

  • allergens linked to your final compositions ?

  • the GDA of your final products ?

  • legal or internal annexes linked to your manufacturing process ?

  • contacts with your suppliers ?

  • the history of your products recipes and composition ?

  • plaints and controls on your whole product range ?

  • the progress towards a certification ?

  • clear information towards your consumers and your customers with the EXACT content of your products ?

And this management asks you to :

  • Deal with increasing regulatory constraints (ingredients, allergens, traceability, packaging, control, ethics, sustainable development, etc.)

  • Satisfy consumers with clear and legal labeling ;

  • Develop and deploy an increasing number of products ;

  • Efficiently deal with foreign languages for the export of your products ;

  • Manage relationships and exchanges with other companies (customers) ;

  • Optimize existing product lines, while introducing new products in parallel ;

  • Safely centralize your data so you never lose anything ;

  • Choose who can have which role and access what data ;

  • Access your tool from any computer connected to Internet ;

Prodigum offers a solution to your needs in terms of information management of your different products.

Security, speed and easy share make from our tool a real added value in the evolution of your development.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information.

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