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Is Prodigum compatible with our ERP ?

Tailor made development of Prodigum : how far can we customize the software ?

Is the labeling system compatible with my printer ? With what type of printer is Prodigum compatible with ?

If a problem occurs, how long does it take for your employees to correct it ?

Do my suppliers have a view on all my products in Prodigum ? Can they see the products of my other suppliers ? 

Is the software compatible with Windows, Mac OS X or Linux ?

How does the migration of my data take place if I choose to use Prodigum for my business ?

Is it possible to develop a smartphone application for Prodigum users ?

In which language is the software available ?

How do you ensure data protection ?

Who do I contact if I want a quote for Prodigum ?

How do you ensure monitoring of allergens and contaminants ?

Do you need to install a software on my computer so I can use Prodigum ?

Does Prodigum allow access to the composition of my products when I am abroad with my laptop ?

How many products does Prodigum support ?

How many users can Prodigum support ?

Do I have to follow a training in order to use Prodigum ?

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Prodigum was developed by the Belgian company Pulsar Consulting, located in Wavre.

Pulsar Consulting is an ICT services company offering full IT services. Its mission is to improve the performance of its customers with high quality IT solutions.

Indeed, Pulsar Consulting provides IT solutions tailored to the needs of its customers, whether through custom development or by supporting them in the selection, implementation and maintenance of existing softwares.

With 20 years of experience, Pulsar Consulting counts many completed projects for and in partnership with big companies, as well as smaller ones. The company has experience in various sectors, such as aeronautics, retail, logistics, transport, medical, banking, etc.

Pulsar offers professional IT through its 5 areas of expertise :

If you want more information, please visit the company website: Pulsar Website.



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