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CosmOs has been developed for Biorius, a company created to answer the needs of companies willing to comply with legal obligations linked to their exporting activities.


Its experts inform about national and international requirements and offer their help in formalizing the legal steps necessary to put products on the market or ensure their compliance.


Biorius offers its services in the field of chemicals and is specialized in the cosmetic and food supplements sectors


Application Scope

CosmOs is a complete web based system for the management of cosmetic products and the process of accordance with the legal standards


This application is an implementation of Prodigum customized to fit the needs of Biorius in the cosmetics industry. As such, it is a mix of standard functions and capabilities of Prodigum, including features more specific to cosmetics and enhanced by tailor-made functions specifically developed to satisfy Biorius business needs. 


CosmOs includes:

  • Product Module with custom datasheet

  • Supplier Module with custom datasheet

  • Ingredient Module (customized)

  • Special features of CosmOs, on top of standard Prodigum features:

    • Simplified handling of product composition (no tree view, no inheritance) but extended handling of ingredients (sharing, merging)

    • Datasheet progress (completion level) calculation and handling including a dashboard

    • Extended handling of annexes (documents attached to products), including a dashboard

    These special features dramatically reduce work load as well as data redundancy.

"We need to check that all those products are safe for human health, that they don’t cause any risk for their users, whatever the use conditions are. To achieve this, our experts have to collect precise information on all those products, and all of their individual components."Biorius is a specialist of Regulatory services in the cosmetics industry. Our customers are cosmetics manufacturers, based all over the world, from the USA to Australia, through Japan and India. They create many new cosmetics, but before putting them on the European market, they need to get them compliant towards European regulations. That's our role, at Biorius.

Also, as regulations are evolving, we need to be able to trace the presence of any ingredient in all those cosmetics. That's why we were in need of a strong web tool, allowing us on one side to collect all required information from the manufacturers, but also to trace all ingredients and raw materials.

When we discovered Prodigum, we directly knew that this was what we were looking for. Our customers are particularly concerned about the confidentiality of their products, and Prodigum could guarantee their protection thanks to its different layers of security.

Eventually Pulsar proposed us to adapt their Prodigum package further to our needs, and that's how CosmOs was born.

Every day, hundreds of cosmetics manufacturers upload within CosmOs information about those cosmetics, and our experts and safety assessors use the workflow capabilities to communicate on a structured way regarding each individual product, in order to complete the final safety assessments.

Thanks to CosmOs, we drastically reduced our process timeline, and thus the time-to-market of those cosmetics.

If we want to improve or add a new functionality on CosmOs, Pulsar’s IT experts are always very reactive, no sooner said than done. 

Without CosmOs and Pulsar, we could not offer such a service to our customers, and those cosmetics would not be on the European market."




CosmOs is based on Pulsar’s product PRODIGUM, a web-based application using Microsoft Technologies 


  • SQL Server

  • C#

Patrick Bolle and Rudi Laurent, Partners at Biorius

CosmOs - Biorius


Euro Consultants

SpecPro has been developed for Euro Consultants Group, a specialist in quality improvement for organisations (management consulting).

The group mainly operates in the agro-food and agro-processing industries offering a variety of services to different sectors: catering; hotels and tourism; industry; retail; international and institutional cooperation.

Euro Consultants Group operates on 5 levels including  auditing and controlling, research, training and supervision, consultancy and support, operational assistance.  


Application Scope

SpecPro is a version of Prodigum oriented towards agro-food and agro-processing industries.

There are two flavors of SpecPro :

  • SpecPro itself is the one currently used in production. This is the legacy version of Prodigum, the one with which everything started.

  • SpecPro Demo is the most up-to-date version of SpecPro, currently used for demo purpose.


SpecPro includes : 

  • Product Module with custom datasheet (the core of SpecPro)

  • Supplier Module with custom datasheet

  • Ingredient Module (food version) including bridge with Products

  • Complaint & Control Module including bridge with Products and Suppliers

Special features of SpecPro :

  • Extended handling of product composition, including tree view of ingredients, inheritance of nutritional composition, allergens and contaminants, calculation of labels


SpecPro is based on Pulsar’s product PRODIGUM, a web-based application using Microsoft Technologies:

  • ASP .net

  • SQL Server

  • C#

SpecPro - Euro Consultants
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