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Prodigum is a tool using the latest Internet technologies (SaaS), facilitating collaboration between the various actors of products quality and, on the other end, with suppliers. Indeed, apart from sharing some information through the application, part of the encoding of products datasheets can be delegated to suppliers. 



Among the PLM/ERP/supply chain solutions  Prodigum specializes in the management of formulas and recipes as well as product management specifications. 

In addition to the SaaS platform, we offer convenient services to facilitate the use of our system :



Consumers are increasingly paying more attention to the quality and origin of the products they consume. Accordingly, their demands towards manufacturers and retailers increase, resulting in operational and financial impacts.

Moreover, legislation, norms and controls are multiplying. The use of specialized tools for the management of this legal aspects has become necessary in order to ensure consistency and control of the quality assurance process, with limited and controlled costs.


Prodigum helps quality assurance and food chain security experts increasing the efficiency and consistency of the products compositions and products technical datasheets. It suits to several activity domains, as mentioned below:


  • Importers

  • Distributors

  • Central Purchasing

  • Wholesalers

  • Auditors

  • Regulators

  • Quality Assurance

  • Safety Assessors

  • ...


  • Food

  • Cosmetics

  • Cleaning and maintenance 

  • Parapharmacy

  • Chemicals

  • ...

Quality & Regulation

Quality & Regulation

Prodigum offers you an e-collaborative application allowing to quickly comply with legal standards and solve the various standardization issues, such as:

  • specific measures for certain types of products (meat, poultry, fishery, dairy products, eggs, cosmetics, chemicals, ...)

  • general measures applicable to all products and at all steps of production

  • European and local legislation complete the regulatory framework in which the production, processing, storage, transportation and marketing of finished products must register.


Prodigum offers you a wide flexibility of use, allowing you to track the entirety of the components of each of your products, food, chemical or other.

Once the ingredients are encoded, you can manage the content of labels while narrowly respecting the several European regulations or Royal Decrees in force.

Discover more on regulations of:

Case Studies



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Discover here the testimony of 2 of our customers : Biorius and Euro Consultants

CosmOs is a custom implementation of Prodigum, meeting at best the needs of Biorius in the cosmetics industry.

SpecPro was developed for the Euro Consultants Group, specialized in improving the quality of technical datasheet of fresh products ("produits frais traditionnels") for organizations active in the food sector.

Both systems are customized versions of Prodigum and contain tailor made extensions.

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